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Sun-dried Flavor Fluffy Dried Bonito Flakes

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"Fuwafuwa Kezuribushi" is an extremely thin shaving of dried horse mackerel. Amakusa City is said to be the number one producer of miscellaneous dried fish in Japan, and the kezuri produced here is known for its high quality.

Because it is extremely thin at about 0.01mm, the moment you put it in your mouth, it melts in your mouth and the rich aroma of horse mackerel spreads. It is rich in vitamin D, so everyone from health-conscious children to the elderly can enjoy delicious fish with peace of mind.

Just sprinkle it on miso soup, udon, rice balls, salads, and many other dishes to bring out the flavor of the ingredients. It's perfect when you want to add a simple, authentic flavor.

Add fluffy shaved bonito flakes to your daily meals and enjoy the bounty of the Amakusa sea at home. One shake is sure to upgrade your cooking!

Product name Brown horse mackerel shavings (thinly shaved)
Inner Capacity 20g/bag
Raw materials Dried horse mackerel (produced in Kumamoto Prefecture)
Expiration Date Approximately 180 days (expiration date printed on package)
Preservation Method Store away from direct sunlight, high temperatures and humidity.
Shipping Method Normal temperature flight