Amakusa Seafood Store's proud meal

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A Japanese-style restaurant with folk crafts and furnishings.

  • 150 outdoor restaurant seats (also for barbecue)
  • 12 private room table seats
  • There is a non-smoking seat, charter is possible

charcoal grill



A popular open-air charcoal-grilled seafood barbecue restaurant. Spiny lobster, abalone, tiger prawn, crab, turban shell, squid, raw sea urchin, etc. are all freshly procured directly from fishermen! Grilled seafood starts at 1,650 yen (tax included).

Parties and banquets (reservation required): 2 to 200 people, budget from 2,000 yen Suitable for welcome and farewell parties, social gatherings, children's parties, reunions, and reward parties.

A MENU that uses seafood from Amakusa lavishly

* The actual menu and price may differ or may be sold out.
  • Tenkomori Kaisendon

    1,815 yen

  • Ikikurumaebino Zeitakudon

    3,630 yen

  • Ikuradon

    1,980 yen

  • Kaisendon & Awabiyaki

    2,915 yen

  • Hamankorayaki A set

    3,300 yen

  • Hamankorayaki B set

    2,200 yen

  • Amakusa Jitakomeshi Lunch

    1,518 yen

  • Osakanahurai & Jakomeshi Lunch

    1,320 yen

  • Osasshimi Lunch

    2,200 yen

  • Amakusadaiou karaage Lunch

    1,980 yen

  • Ebifurai Lunch

    1,628 yen

  • We have many other menu items!

  • Kids' Plate Lunch

    935 yen

  • Kids' Kaisendon Lunch

    1,320 yen

  • Ebifurai Curry

    990 yen

  • Kids' Ikuradon

    1,320 yen