Can you really see dolphins?

98% can be treated throughout the year. (About 300 dolphins live here.) However, since they are wild dolphins, you may not be able to see them on rare occasions. In that case, we will issue a free re-boarding ticket.

How long is the boarding time?

You can encounter dolphins in about 10 minutes after leaving the port. Departure from the shortest port. In addition, there is a difference in the dolphin's movement range on the day, so please come with plenty of time. The boarding time including the tour time is 60 to 90 minutes.

When is the dolphin watching season?

Dolphins live all year round, so any time is OK.
However, the waves are often high, so please contact us in advance.

Can you do it in case of rain?

yes! Of course you can meet dolphins.
Please be assured that we have tents and rain gear on board.

I'm worried about getting seasick

Although it depends on the weather and sea conditions on the day, most people leave the boat with a smile on their face.
If you are worried about it, we recommend that you stop motion sickness.

What kind of ship is the watching ship?

It's a "fishing boat" type of dolphin and friends.
Dolphins come close to fishing boats that have been fishing with dolphins for a long time without being wary. But modern cruisers don't have that.

So how do dolphins tell the difference?
The answer is yes. Dolphins are said to have ten times better hearing than humans, and were able to distinguish between the sound of a fishing boat's engine and that of a cruiser's engine.
Dolphins and fishing boats were "friends". (photograph)

What happens if I am not on time for my appointment?

fine. If you are late, you can board the next ferry.

Is your ship safe? worried about having children

yes! Of course, a veteran captain who knows the sea of ​​Amakusa will guide you, so even infants can board the boat with peace of mind.
I drive safely. (Passenger casualty insurance subscription = non-regular route business Kyushu Fu No. 3097)