dolphin watching

  • Departure in 10 minutes
    wild dolphins and
    98 % chance to meet!

    Tsuji Island in Amakusa Shimoshima, where wild bottlenose dolphins migrate in groups all year round. Itsuwa-cho, Amakusa City, Kumamoto Prefecture boasts a beautiful sea with outstanding transparency even in Kumamoto. Off the coast, next to the lighthouse on Tsuji Island, there is a place where wild dolphins have migrated since ancient times.

    In fact, if you ride a fishing boat for 10 minutes, you will come across three groups of about 300 bottlenose dolphins. They live mainly around Tsuji Island as "rooted dolphins," which are said to be rare around Japan. Dolphin watching with a veteran captain who knows the surrounding sea inside out has a 98% encounter rate with dolphins. The sound of the engines of fishing boats that have been fishing with dolphins since ancient times draws you in, and the dolphins come close to you.

  • You can hear the voice of dolphins in the water!

    Introduced a new dolphin watching boat equipped with an underwater microphone. While on board, you can listen to dolphins chatting underwater.

    Amakusa Kaisenzo's Dolphin Island is the only place where you can watch dolphins while listening to the voices of wild dolphins swimming in front of you. A veteran boatman will also teach you trivia.

    *The type of boat may differ depending on the reservation status.
    *The plan to hear the dolphin's voice is charged separately.

  • Kaisendonya
    You can also enjoy barbecue at a great price ! !

    Along with dolphin watching, you can enjoy a set of fresh seafood such as Amakusa's thick and soft abalone, raw sea urchin, salmon roe, etc. at a great price!


The scenery of dolphin watching is now open to the public!

The scenery of
dolphin watching
is now open to the public!

Would you like to have an “impressive experience” at Amakusa Kaisengura?

Wild dolphins swimming energetically fly right in front of you! Fly! Fly!
The captain who knows dolphin behavior will catch dolphins without fail!

Flow of dolphin watching