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Ella's Granulated Dashi

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"Ella's Granulated Dashi" is a highly fragrant mixed dashi made with mackerel, round herring, and skipjack tuna produced in Ushibuka. With just this one item, the possibilities of your cooking will expand dramatically!

It dissolves quickly in water, so you can easily enjoy authentic flavors.

Perfect for any dish that uses dashi, from miso soup to hotpots, simmered dishes, and udon. With just one shake, it enhances the flavor of the dish and enriches the dining table.

"Ella's Granulated Dashi" is sure to make your daily cooking more fun and delicious! Please try this rich aroma and flavor at home 🌟

Product name Mackerel flakes granules
Inner Capacity 100g/bag
Raw materials Salt (domestically produced), powdered dried mackerel, sugar, dried sardine powder, yeast extract, powdered shiitake mushroom extract, powdered dried bonito flakes, powdered kelp/seasonings (amino acids, etc.) (including mackerel)
Expiration Date Approximately 180 days (expiration date printed on package)
Preservation Method Store away from direct sunlight and high temperatures and humidity.
Shipping Method Normal temperature flight