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Chunks of mandarin jam

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"Chorotto Mikan Jam"🍊✨ is a special dish from Amakusa, Kumamoto Prefecture, that feels like it's packed with the blessings of the sun!

We use plenty of Shiranui mandarin oranges, which are grown in the warm climate and sea breeze of the Amakusa region. This jam is filled with large pieces of mandarin orange flesh. The juicy sweetness and refreshing aroma of the fruit spreads in your mouth.

Only granulated sugar and lemon juice are added, and the original flavor of the mandarin oranges is carefully preserved. It does not contain pectin, so you can enjoy the texture of a compote full of fruit pulp⭐️It has no bitterness, so even those who don't like marmalade can enjoy it!

Why not spread this jam generously on bread or top yogurt or ice cream for a slightly luxurious dessert? It also goes well with baguettes and cheese as an adult snack.

Enjoy the rich nature of Amakusa, Kumamoto with our "Gorotto Mikan Jam" that will brighten up your daily table. It's sure to make your days more enjoyable!

Product name Shiranui Jam
Inner Capacity 150g/pc
Raw materials Shiranui (Kumamoto Prefecture), granulated sugar, lemon juice (Kumamoto Prefecture)
Expiration Date Approximately 180 days (expiration date printed on package)
Preservation Method Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight.
Shipping Method Normal temperature flight