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Amakusa sea lettuce miso soup

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Product name Instant miso soup raw type
Inner Capacity 1 bag containing 5 servings of miso soup
Raw materials <Seasoned miso> Rice miso (made in Japan), bonito powder, fermented seasonings, sugars (sugar, dextrose), salt/seasonings (amino acid), alcohol, stabilizers (processed starch), acidulants, (some soybeans) (Contains) <Ingredients> Hitoegusa (produced in Amakusa), Rolled Fu (wheat flour, wheat gluten)/Antioxidant (VE), (Contains wheat in part)
Expiration Date 180 days (normal temperature)
Preservation Method Normal temperature / Freezeable
Shipping Method Normal temperature delivery (If purchased at the same time as frozen products, it will be delivered by cool frozen delivery)
Sales Period all year