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[Not included in the package] Seafood bowl Japanese sauce

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Slightly sweet Japanese sauce with the scent of bonito and kelp.
Not only can it be used for seafood bowls, but it can also be used for a wide range of dishes, such as tempura rice bowls, tamago kake gohan, and bukkake udon noodles!

Product name Tsuyu
Inner Capacity Japanese sauce 400ml
Raw materials Soy sauce (honjozo), sugars (sugar, fructose, glucose, liquid sugar), flavor ingredients (kelp extract, bonito flakes extract), fermented seasonings, salt, alcohol, seasonings (amino acid, etc.), acidulants (one of the raw materials) (Contains wheat and soybeans)
Expiration Date 360 days unopened (room temperature)
Preservation Method Normal temperature (*Cannot be frozen)
Shipping Method Normal temperature flight
Sales Period all year