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2023 Winter Gift Set “Satisfaction Set”

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*Winter gift sets will incur shipping charges for each item. Also, it will take approximately 1 week to ship.

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■Shipping costs for easy and satisfying sets

Hokkaido: 2,100 yen Tohoku: 1,210 yen Kanto/Shinetsu: 1,050 yen Chubu/Kansai/Hokuriku: 860 yen Shikoku/Chugoku: 800 yen Kyushu: 650 yen Okinawa: 1,300 yen

■Luxury set shipping fee

Hokkaido/Okinawa: 2,200 yen Other areas: 1,100 yen

~To the person who always takes care of me...Would you like to express your gratitude and send Amakusa food to them? ~

Amakusa's seaweed is essential for the increasingly popular Kuruma Shrimp Shio Karinto and hot soup dishes, and Amakusa is Japan's No. 1 producer of miscellaneous knots that are made into ultra-thin and fluffy knots.
In addition to seafood bowls, we also have a variety of Japanese sauces that are useful for various dishes.

*Noshi/packaging available! If you would like a noshi, please write the ``front page'' and ``giver's name'' in the notes section of the shopping cart screen.


set content

[Kura Shrimp Shio Karinto (1 bag)]
・Product name: Kuruma shrimp shio karinto ・Contents: 60g/bag ・Ingredients: Flour (wheat, domestically produced), sugar, prawns (from Amakusa), salt, seaweed, kelp powder, food oil, flavor seasonings, seasonings (amino acid, etc.), (contains shrimp, wheat, milk ingredients, and soybeans)
・Expiration date: 180 days

[Amakusa salt (1 bag)]
・Name: Salt ・Contents: 50g/bag ・Ingredients: Seawater (Amakusa Nada, Kumamoto Prefecture)
·expiration date:-

[Aosa nori (1 bag)]
・Product Name: Dried Aosa Nori ・Contents: 25g/bag ・Ingredients: Aosa Nori (produced in Amakusa, Kumamoto Prefecture)
・Expiration date: 60 days

[Sea urchin beans (1 bag)]
・Name: Fried beans (side dish)
・Contents: 60g/bag ・Ingredients: Broad beans (manufactured in Japan), sea urchin seasoning, glucose, brewed rice powder, salt, flavored oil, soy sauce powder, yeast extract, sardines Powder, protein hydrolyzate, spices/seasonings ( (amino acid, etc.), fragrance, carotene (contains some wheat and soybeans)
・Expiration date: 60 days

[Tsukudani with seaweed stems (1 bag)]
・Name: Tsukudani (Wakame seaweed from Amakusa, shiso flavor)
・Contents: 200g/bag ・Ingredients: Soy sauce (contains wheat and soybeans) (manufactured in Japan), blanched and salted stem wakame, sugar, seaweed, fermented seasoning liquid, perilla seeds, brewed vinegar, mentsuyu (contains wheat and soybeans) , Flavored seasoning/sweeten (sorbitol), seasoning ryu, grip polygaccharides, fragrances, preservatives (olorvic acid k), colorants (yellow 4, blue 1), sour flavoring expiration date: 90 Day

[Ultra-thin fluffy bushi (1 bag)]
・Name: Muroji mackerel flakes (thinly shaved)
・Contents: 20g/bag ・Ingredients: Dried dried mackerel (manufactured in Kumamoto Prefecture)
・Expiration date: 180 days

[Japanese sauce for seafood bowl (1 bottle)]
・Name: Soup ・Contents: 400ml/bottle ・Ingredients: Soy sauce (honjozo), sugars (sugar, fructose, glucose, liquid sugar), flavor ingredients (kelp extract, bonito flakes), fermented seasoning, salt, Alcohol, seasonings (amino acid, etc.), acidulants (some of the raw materials include wheat and soybeans)
・Expiration date: 300 days

[Ella-san's granule soup stock (1 bag)]
・Name: Mackerel granules ・Contents: 100g/bag ・Ingredients: Salt (manufactured in Japan), mackerel powder, sugar, dried sardine powder, yeast extract, shiitake mushroom extract powder, Muneta bonito flakes powder, kelp powder/seasoning (amino acid, etc.) (including some mackerel)
・Expiration date: 180 days

Preservation Method At normal temperature
Shipping Method Room temperature (shipped within 1 week of order)
Sales Period November 20, 2023 10:00 to January 31, 2024 18:00
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