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[Up to 5 pieces per person] Fresh sea urchin [Murasaki sea urchin]

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★ Up to 5 pieces per person

Purple sea urchins are available in Amakusa from March to May.

Individually harvested by hand by freediving fishermen, they are removed from the shell and bottled.

The purple sea urchin caught in Amakusa's mineral-rich sea is small, but has an elegant sweetness.

It is recommended to eat it sandwiched between grilled seaweed along with natural salt and wasabi soy sauce.

Please enjoy the seasonal taste of Amakusa.

We don't use any preservatives or additives, so please enjoy it as soon as possible.

Inner Capacity Purple sea urchin 50g
Expiration Date 3 days from the shipping date
Preservation Method Keep refrigerated
Shipping Method Cool mail
Sales Period ~Mid May