Efforts to prevent coronavirus infection

We are taking the following measures to prevent coronavirus infection.

At our store, we have introduced an ozone generator as a countermeasure against the new coronavirus and as a satellite countermeasure for safety and security, and we spray ozone at night to remove viruses and bacteria.

We will continue to thoroughly implement basic hygiene management so that customers can enjoy dining and shopping with peace of mind.

Ozone (O3) The ozone layer in the atmosphere is known to block ultraviolet rays that are harmful to humans.
Ozone is what purifies the air.
Our ozone device sprays with the ozone concentration of 0.005 ppm in the forest, and oxidizes and kills viruses safely and powerfully.
Ozone generators are now installed in ambulances and airports.

Advantages of ozone It is suitable for sterilization of places where many people gather in a wide range and places where people touch such as doorknobs.
After sterilization, it returns to oxygen (C2), so there is no residue and it can be sterilized and disinfected more safely than other chemicals.

・Tasting is suspended at the souvenir sales corner. Information is constantly being updated, so please check the website in advance for details.

In addition, we will guide you to the outdoor seats with a roof and provide meals in a situation that does not become crowded.

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