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From July 1, 2024, an environmental protection fee will be charged separately.

As announced at a press conference by the Amakusa Dolphin Watching Business Team on April 12, 2024, environmental protection fees will be charged from July 1, 2024.

Per person: 500 yen (elementary school students and above)
*This fee will be charged in addition to the boarding fee.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in protecting the ocean and dolphins.

Please provide the passenger's information at the time of booking.

Please fill in the information for all passengers on the 'Select Number of People' screen to help alleviate congestion on the day of use. We appreciate your cooperation.

Required Information

(1)Full Name (2)Address (3)Contact Number (4)Age (5)Gender (6)Nationality (7)Passport Number [Foreign Nationals Only]

MENU LIST (English/Traditional Chinese)

(1) [Dolphin Watching Only] Adults, [Little Watching Sea Pig] Adults

(2) [Dolphin Watching Only] Children (6-11 years old)

(3) [Dolphin Watching Only] Toddlers (2-5 years old)

(4) [Dolphin Watching Only] (1 year old and under), [Shortly watched sea pig] Baby (1 year old and under)

(5) [🐬+🍴: Adults] Kaisendon

(6) [🐬+🍴:Children] Kaisendon

(7) [🐬+🍴:Adults] Kaisendon & Awabiyaki

(8) [🐬+🍴:Children] Kaisendon & Awabiyaki

(9) 【🐬+🍴:Adults】Takomeshi Lunch

(10) 【🐬+🍴:Children】Takomeshi Lunch

(11) [🐬+🍴:Adults] Kaisen BBQ

(12) [🐬+🍴:Children] Kaisen BBQ

(13) [🐬+🍴:Adults] Kaisen BBQ + Awabi

(14) [🐬+🍴:Children] Kaisen BBQ + Awabi

(15) [🐬+🍴: Adults] Amakusadaio Sumiyaki

(16) [🐬+🍴:Children] Amakusadaio Sumiyaki

(17) [🐬+🍴:Adults] Amakusadaou no Karaage

(18) [🐬+🍴:Children] Amakusadaou no Karaage

*"🐬+🍴" is a menu that includes dolphin watching and meals.

Dolphin watching at Amakusa Kaisengura where you can meet wild dolphins in about 10 minutes with a 98% probability!

Web reservation benefits

  • 10% off the regular rate!
  • Original dolphin goods as a gift!
  • ★There is advantageous meal set !

Departure time

  • 10:00 AM~, 11:30 AM~
  • 1:00 PM~, 2:30 PM~, 4:00 PM~

*There may be extra flights at  9:00 AM、10:30 AM、12:00 PM、1:30 PM、3:00 PM during Obon and Golden Week. Please contact us for details.

Notes for dolphin watching

  • ◆Since dolphins are wild, there are rare occasions when you cannot meet them. Please note that refunds cannot be made even if you cannot meet.
  • ◆Depending on the sea conditions on the day, it may be canceled or the time may be changed.
  • ◆The type of boat may differ depending on the reservation status.
  • ◆On the day of use, please check in at the shop at least 30 minutes before the departure time.
  • ◆Boarding time is 60 to 90 minutes.

Precautions for the plan to listen to the voices of dolphins

  • ◆The plan to listen to the dolphin's voice is charged separately. If you are interested, please contact us at the reception desk at the store.
  • ◆ Depending on the weather, waves, and dolphin conditions, it may not be possible to hear voices. Please note that refunds cannot be made even if you cannot hear the voice.
  • ◆Please make the payment at the venue.

Precautions when making online reservations

  • ◆We do not take reservations for meal sets for infants and infants. If you would like to eat, please select the menu on site.
  • ◆Meal and set plan will basically have a meal after boarding.
    Please let us know in advance if you would like to have a meal before boarding.
    Please come to the store 90 to 60 minutes before boarding.
    *Last orders for meals are until 3:00 PM.
  • ◆If you make a reservation on another site first, the schedule on this site will not be updated in real time. Therefore, even if you make a reservation, we may not be able to meet your request. Thank you for your understanding.
  • ◆Please contact us if you are using more than 35 people.
  • ◆Web reservations are accepted from 6 months (180 days) in advance up to 1 hour before the departure time on the day.
  • ◆If you wish to change or cancel your reservation, please contact us via the inquiry form or by telephone. When using the inquiry form, please contact us by 4:00 PM the day before the day of use.