You can see dolphins all year round! ? Dolphin watching in Shimoshima, Amakusa


Don't you have an image of enjoying marine sports, sightseeing cruises, and watching marine life while traveling abroad?

Actually, so did I.

But you can enjoy it in Japan too.

This time, I will introduce recommended points based on my experience of dolphin watching in Amakusa City, Kumamoto Prefecture!


If you want to see dolphins in Amakusa? Introducing recommended spots, how to make reservations, and what to bring !


If you go all the way to dolphin watching, you definitely want to see dolphins!

But I go to see wild dolphins .

There is no guarantee that you will ever see it.

That's why pre-research is so important! I did a lot of research on how to book, prices, and times when the probability of seeing dolphins is high.



Where can you see dolphins?


I went to see dolphins at the northern tip of Shimoshima, the Amakusa Islands in Kumamoto Prefecture.

Access is about two and a half hours by car from Kumamoto city, and about 15 minutes from Amakusa Airport.

Wild bottlenose dolphins live around this island, making it a perfect spot for dolphin watching.

There are several dolphin-watching centers along National Route 389 in Shimoshima .

Dolphins live throughout the year, and it is said that there is a 90% chance of seeing dolphins. If so, we recommend planning a two-night, three-day itinerary!



How do I book and pay ?


Most of the centers and shops that accept dolphin watching let you make reservations on their website or by phone .

Depending on the shop, there are various plans available, such as meal plans, dolphin watching and fishing, and reservations on the day.

In addition to cash payment, there are various payment methods such as credit card and online payment, so please try to find the shop that suits you.



When is the best time or time for dolphin watching?


Dolphins can be seen in Amakusa throughout the year.

Dolphins often migrate, and there are areas where you can see them only at certain times, but Amakusa's dolphins live in this area, which is rare in Japan.

Also, since dolphin watching boats depart multiple times a day, there is a relatively high chance of encountering dolphins at any time of the day.



Let's go dolphin watching! What about clothes and belongings?


Dolphin watching takes place on a boat, so you don't need to wear formal clothes such as swimwear or wetsuits.

However , the boat will sway, so high-heeled shoes are dangerous, and it may be better to avoid shoes with exposed toes, such as sandals .

I wore a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers, and since I was worried about getting sunburned, I also brought a UV-blocking hoodie and a cap.

I read that some people drop their smartphones into the sea while taking pictures, so I put a shoulder strap on my smartphone .

I can't live without my smartphone...

Also, it seems that there are some places that have stopped renting out due to the corona sickness at this time, so if you're worried about getting seasick, a kappa for when it rains, medicine to stop seasickness, and water spray for when you get wet. It's safe to have towels for you.



Iruka-san, wait for me ! Let's set sail!


The waters around the Amakusa Islands are generally calm.

Board a boat and travel to a dolphin habitat.

During the trip, you can see Yushima, commonly known as Dangojima, where the strategy meeting was held during the Shimabara-Amakusa Uprising, and Mt.

This scenery is worth it just to be on the boat while feeling the wind .

But the main event, dolphin watching, starts from here! With such a beautiful sea, it is no wonder that many dolphins live there.

When the ship stops at the habitat area

There was a group of dolphins!


Dolphins that you have only ever seen in an aquarium are right in front of you!

Aren't dolphins afraid of ships?

They seem to have a friendly personality, and they swim with the movement of the boat.

However, the movement is faster than I thought and the picture is blurry...

I was desperate to follow the video too.

I'm glad I was wearing a shoulder strap!



Enjoy the surroundings when you return to the port!


Tsuji Island, which is located across the Tsuji Island Ohashi Bridge from Shimojima, is recommended for anglers!

Because the currents gather, it is a famous point for the king of squid, the bigfin reef squid.

There are also many highlights, such as the white windmill that generates wind power and the experience of making natural salt.

There is also a large communal bath at the facility called “Yumeru” on the island, so it is nice to soothe your tired body from the sea breeze.

This facility also has an observatory restaurant where you can see dolphins.

If you are worried about your health, such as getting seasick, it would be nice to see a group of dolphins from here!


This time, I made a reservation for dolphin watching at “Amakusa Seafood Storehouse” in Itsuwa-cho, Amakusa City.

With a plan that includes dolphin watching and meals, we also enjoyed fresh seafood from Amakusa.

There are sea urchin, octopus, and abalone that are specialties of Amakusa, as well as deep-fried Amakusa daioh chicken.

The [Amakusa Gorogoro Island Croquette], which contains seafood and vegetables and is wrapped in grilled seaweed, is also a recommended dish.


Even better, if you go dolphin watching, you can buy souvenirs at 5% off!

Amakusa, which is so rich in nature that wild dolphins live there, is an attractive spot where you can enjoy dining, driving, fishing, and other leisure activities.

Recommended for those who want to be healed by nature.




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