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MENU LIST (English/Traditional Chinese)

(1) [Seat Reservation Only] Adults

(2) [Seat Reservation Only] Children (6-11 years old)

(3) [Seat Reservation Only] Toddlers (2-5 years old)

(4) Tenkomori Kaisendon

(5) Ikikurumaebino Zeitakudon

(6) Ikuradon

(7) Jaisendon & Awabiyaki

(8) Hamankorayaki Aset

(9) Hamankorayaki Bset

(10) Amakusa Jitakomeshi Lunch

(11)Osakanahurai & Jakomeshi Lunch

(12) Osassimi Lunch

(13) Amakusadaou Karaage Lunch

(14) Ebifurai Lunch

(15) [Kids' Menu] Kids' Plate Lunch

(16) [Kids' Menu] Kids' Kaisendon Lunch

(17) [Kids' Menu] Ebifurai Curry

(18) [Kids' Menu] Kids' Ikuradon

Enjoy the Amakusa seafood that Amakusa Kaisengura is proud of !

Important points to note when booking online

  • ◆If you make a reservation for a seat only, your order will be taken when you arrive at the restaurant, so please note that it may take some time for your order to be served.
  • ◆Additional dishes can also be ordered on-site.
  • ◆You can enjoy grilled dishes, lunch, and rice bowls at the same time.
  • ◆Online reservations are accepted from 6 months (180 days) in advance to the day before use. For same-day reservations, please call us.
  • ◆If you wish to make any changes or cancellations, please contact us using the inquiry form or by phone. If you use the inquiry form, please contact us by 5:00 PM on the day before your reservation.
  • ◆If you change the menu when you visit the restaurant, please pay for the changed menu on-site. The amount reserved online will be refunded to the credit card used for payment at a later date.
  • *Even if the total amount is ¥0, the payment screen will be displayed, but there is no need to set a payment method.