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MENU LIST (English/Traditional Chinese)

(1) [Dolphin Watching Only] Adults, [Little Watching Sea Pig] Adults

(2) [Dolphin Watching Only] Children (6-11 years old)

(3) [Dolphin Watching Only] Toddlers (2-5 years old)

(4) [Dolphin Watching Only] (1 year old and under), [Shortly watched sea pig] Baby (1 year old and under)

(5) [🐬+🍴: Adults] Kaisendon

(6) [🐬+🍴:Children] Kaisendon

(7) [🐬+🍴:Adults] Kaisendon & Awabiyaki

(8) [🐬+🍴:Children] Kaisendon & Awabiyaki

(9) 【🐬+🍴:Adults】Takomeshi Lunch

(10) 【🐬+🍴:Children】Takomeshi Lunch

(11) [🐬+🍴:Adults] Kaisen BBQ

(12) [🐬+🍴:Children] Kaisen BBQ

(13) [🐬+🍴:Adults] Kaisen BBQ + Awabi

(14) [🐬+🍴:Children] Kaisen BBQ + Awabi

(15) [🐬+🍴: Adults] Amakusadaio Sumiyaki

(16) [🐬+🍴:Children] Amakusadaio Sumiyaki

(17) [🐬+🍴:Adults] Amakusadaou no Karaage

(18) [🐬+🍴:Children] Amakusadaou no Karaage

Amakusa Seafood Store's proud Amakusa Seafood

Precautions when making online reservations

  • ◆In the case of "seat only reservation", we will receive your order when you come to the store, so it may take some time to provide it. Please note.
  • ◆Additional dishes can be prepared on site.
  • ◆You can enjoy pottery, lunch, and rice bowl at the same time.
  • ◆Web reservations are accepted from 6 months (180 days) in advance up to the day before use. Please call us for same-day reservations.
  • ◆If you wish to change or cancel your reservation, please contact us via the inquiry form or by telephone. When using the inquiry form, please contact us by 17:00 the day before the day of use.
  • ◆If you wish to change the menu at the time of your visit, please pay for the changed menu on site. Refunds will be made to the credit card used for the reservation made on the web at a later date.
  • ◆Even if the total amount is ¥0, the payment screen will be displayed, but there is no need to set a payment method.